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Arrow One Gifset Per Episode 2x07 - State v. Queen
"In the superior court of Star county state versus Moira Queen verdict…on one count of conspiracy in the first degree, the defendant is found not guilty. On the 503 counts of murder in the first degree, the defendant is found…not guilty.

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oh a big reveal at the end of the episode?

who else could iT BE



being an introvert is really hard because there is no polite way to tell someone that you’re in a bad mood because you’re exhausted from socializing.

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Lost + Popular Text Posts (5/?)

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it’s still monday for 6 more minutes should i be responsible and go to bed or watch another episode of arrow

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What?! That was supposed to be her!”
“And this is why S.H.I.E.L.D. is on top, right?”

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#daddyissues - help fund season 3 here!

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